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The Complete English Interview Course

Interviewing in English can be a daunting task. This course has been designed based on the experience of a UK career coach who has successfully helped 500+ international clients from Europe, Asia and Africa into top graduate jobs in the UK .

You are going to learn many key lessons, that will help you to ace any interview:

  • Most common mistakes from 25,000 non-native English speakers
  • 3 most common English grammar mistakes
  • How to improve your fluency and enjoy it
  • 10 ways to speak English with more confidence
  • 5 strategies to learn to listen
  • Every Interview have these 4 things in Common
  • Motivation: Understanding why you want that job
  • Nailing a great Personal Introduction
  • Ultimate Resources for Motivational Research
  • The 6 types of interview questions
  • Hacking the STAR technique by numbers
  • The 6 Skills every employer needs

Who this course is for:

  • Job Applicants
  • Students wanting to improve their English
  • Professionals

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