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Teach Your Baby Sign Language

Babies “get” communication very early. From about four or six months, they know that sounds have meaning and things have names. But the muscles of their face, mouth and tongue are not developed enough to form words for 12, 16, or 20 months later.

By teaching your baby sign language, they can communicate with you a year or more before they can speak.

With signs, your baby can:

  1. Express what they want
  2. Tell you what they see and what they feel
  3. Let you know where they hurt when they do
  4. Surprise you with what they know and want to talk about

You literally can have conversations with your baby when they are an infant. This have many, many benefits to you and your child:

  1. Better communication – You don’t have to guess what they want or want to say
  2. Less frustration – Without guessing, you know quickly what your baby needs
  3. More enjoyment – You can get into your baby’s world, what they see and feel, not just what they want
  4. Head start – Your baby develops communication skills with others very early
  5. Motor skills – Your baby develops the muscles to move hands and harms with precision
  6. Confidence – By “listening” more than just what your baby wants, they gain confidence
  7. Social grace – Your baby learns to “use their words” rather than crying or fussing
  8. Less crying – With signing, your baby does not have to cry to get what they want or be understood

This course will not teach you an “official” sign language, like American Sign Language for the Deaf, or Australian AusLan, or any other dialect. Rather it will teach you how you can develop communication with your baby using sign. The signs you use may be based on the official languages, but you are not limited to those. Just as in spoken language, you will develop your own vocabulary of signs that will make a difference in communication with your baby. You will choose what words you will use and what signs you will use for those words.

While this may seem daunting – making up your own language – it is actually faster, easier, more enjoyable, and more fun than trying to memorise the “right” signs.

In this course you will learn:

  • The benefits of baby sign language
  • What concerns you may have
  • The process for teaching your baby to sign
  • The stages your baby will go through in learning sign language
  • When to start signing to and with your baby
  • How to start signing
  • 3 simple rules for the signs you use
  • Keeping track of the signs you use
  • Teaching others (family, friends, and carers) to sign with your baby
  • How and when to stop signing and switch to speech

You will also learn approximately 120 signs to start your vocabulary.

There are two bonus lessons included which enhance your child’s enjoyment of language.

This course is fun, easy, enjoyable, satisfying and valuable.

Who this course is for:

  • Parents of infants (birth to 18 months)
  • Family, friends and carers of infants
  • People interested in baby communication.


Last updated 5/2019


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