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SQL Essentials: The Beginner’s Guide to SQL Language

The course has everything you need to start writing your own SQL queries.

The SQL language seems simple – and that’s true. However, some topics can cause mistakes – things like NULL values, duplicate rows and missing rows, etc. This course covers the frequent mistakes, and how to avoid them.

You will learn SQL syntax applicable to most relational databases.  In the practice exercises you will use PostgreSQL, but the knowledge is easily transferable to other databases.  The standard SQL is the same in all ANSI-compliant SQL databases.

The course has English subtitles (closed captions) manually created!

Check out the free preview videos for more information!

I’ll be happy to see you inside the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Those who do not know SQL at all.
  • Those who know some SQL commands, but are not quite comfortable using them.


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