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Practical Data Analysis with Python and Pandas ,Real Project

This course help you have skill on data analysis and visualization to start your job on data science and data analysis.

You will learn following skill in this course :

  • Loading data
  • Overview on data
  • Selecting data
  • Sorting data
  • Filter data
  • Aggregation function
  • Groupby
  • Apply
  • Merge
  • Visualization
  • Saving data
  • Clean up
    • Rename column
    • Drop column
    • Handle missing data
    • Handle duplicate data
    • Modify data
  • Time series
    • Convert column to date time
    • Select time series data
    • Resampling
  • Hand on with Google App data set
  • Hand on with Ted Talk data set
  • Hand on with Fifa19 data set

Take this course and start your first step on data science , data analysis adventure.

Who this course is for:

  • Any one want to start a job on data science, data analysis


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