Increase Adsense Revenue with Wp Safelink Plugin

What Is Safelink?

Wp safelink is a wordpress plugin which can redirect visitors upto 2 times to different pages with Adsense Ads before they could view their desired page.

See demo here

Who can use this plugin

You can integrate safelink if:

  • You run a wordpress website or blog and want to maximize your adsense earning.
  • You own app/software download site or any kind downloading website which is approved by google adsense. And want to show more ads before visitors could download anything from your site
  • You have a blog or download website that violates the Adsense policy and can’t get approved by adsense but you want to earn from Adsense.
  • You use url shortener websites that pay you small part of the money that you help them make by redirecting your visitors to their site.



  • Unlimited Domain License
    • You can use this plugin for unlimited domains.
  • No renewal fee
    • Just have to buy once and you can use it for lifetime .
  • Auto Generate Link
    • Automatically make all external links into links that will make money on a special page that is safelink for Adsense ads.
  • Generate Link Manual
    • In addition to having automatic genarate link mode, these plugins are also equipped with manual generate Link’s to generate internal links.
  • New Short & Long Generate Link
    • In v3.0 there is the addition of short links that can display shorter links so they look more professional.
  • Counter View & Click
    • Complementary features in WP Safelink v3.0 can count the number of visitors who click the converter link, so it can easily manage the links that are clicked on.
  • Three Permalink
    • There are three types of permalinks in the New version from WP Safelink. These 3 types of permalinks can help display more perfect Adsense ads running.
  • Anti Adblock
    • Block pages for visitors using the Adblock extension, this will help produce a perfect CTR value

In Detail … About WP Safelink

Most Suitable For Website Download websites.

WP Safelink is a WordPress plugins that will help your blog / website get hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

This plugin allows you to earn from adsense even if you cannot get adsense approval for your website. For that you have to simply make another wordpress blog, get adsense approval on that blog.

Then just install wp safelink and redirect visitors from your main website to that blog with adsense ads and start earning.

This method has been widely used by other bloggers to get Adsense money from download blogs without the risk of getting banned from Adsense.

“WP Safelink” WordPress plugins helps you to get money from Adsense with pirated software, pirated videos, pirated applications website, without fear of being banned by Adsense.

Increase Your Adsense Earnings with “WP Safelink”

WP Safelink creates shortlink of any post or page and share it on your website. Whenever visitors click on that short link they are redirected to upto 2 page with your adsense ads.These ads placements are very well optimized and placed in such a way that it encourages accidental click as well.It will certainly increase your Adsense CTR to 2x or even more.

Special Feature “ANTI ADBLOCK”

For the visitors who install Adblock extensions in their browser, contents of the webpage won’t show up until their adblock is disabled.

As A Comparison,We are Certainly Cheaper

Elsewhere Safelink like Themeson products are sold at $ 10 for full features, but note the $ 10 image is  just for 1 month.

You can recover the amount you spend on buying this plugin easily just within 1 day.

What we charge is nothing as compared to the above pricing and that too without any limitation of having to buy and buy again every month. We offer this plugin for you to use on Unlimited Domains & One Pay just once for Forever use.

See demo here

For More Details contact us. Get this plugin at best price

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