How to hold a car steering wheel?

In the movies, you have certainly seen scenes of cars with drivers who were driving their cars anyhow. Only here, it’s cinema! In everyday life, there is no question of doing like them. Good driving always goes with both hands on the steering wheel and a fixed gaze on the road to see the possible dangers.

Always hold the steering wheel with both hands

You should always be prepared for emergency situations. You must be able to steer your vehicle in any direction at all times. In short, you must be master of your vehicle. If you have to shift into gear, you should only let go of a hand for a few seconds.

  • The only times you can remove a hand from the steering wheel is when you put on the windshield wipers, the turn signal, or your headlights. Besides that you cannot do otherwise, these operations are not dangerous, because your hand remains close to the steering wheel.
  • Even when reversing, both hands should (theoretically) remain on the wheel.

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Hold your steering wheel firmly

Take your steering wheel with both hands, but there is no need to tense up on the steering wheel, otherwise you will quickly have pain in your hand, wrist or shoulder if you.

  • By having both hands on the wheel, you feel better the behavior of your vehicle, which is a guarantee of safety.

Hold your steering wheel properly

In driving schools, you are told that a steering wheel is in the so-called “10.10” or “9.15” position, the steering wheel being supposed to represent a clock. The left hand is placed on 10 or 9 o’clock, while the right is placed on 2 or 3 of the clock.

  • The “10:10” position is more reserved for older cars that had larger steering wheels and no power steering.
  • The position at “9:15 am” tends to be generalized on recent vehicles which often have smaller steering wheels and in which there is an airbag and especially are equipped with power steering.

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