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How to find my Facebook email address?


You have never paid attention to your Facebook email address yet it is essential. It allows you, among other things, to recover your connection if your account is no longer associated with a valid email address or phone number.

The email address associated with your Facebook account is essential. It will serve as the main login to connect to the site. It is also this address which will be used in case of loss of your password to recover your account. It is important to remember this address and make sure you have access to it at all times.

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Find your Facebook address in complete confidentiality

If by chance you do not know which email address you associated with your Facebook account, there is a very simple manipulation to find it. As long as you have already logged in to your Facebook account on your computer!

From your profile, click on the “Refresh my info” button. Via the overview of your profile, locate your information on the right and click on the link “General information and basic coordinates”.

Here you will be able to find and modify all the information on your Facebook profile, including your e-mail address, which is in the section of the same name. You will find the address you entered to connect to Facebook. You will then have the choice of adding new addresses or even deleting them. 

Each email address entered in this section can be used as an identifier on Facebook. It will also be possible to define confidentiality. Some addresses may, for example, be visible publicly on your profile, or only by your friends, or by anyone if you so decide.


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