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Charcoal Drawing – The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Design

Do you need a modern course on drawing without all the classical instructions? These 90 second demos will help you draw better.

This course is simply to help beginner students who feel the future realistic courses are too difficult. It’s also fun and easy just visit course/charcoal

You can download the course slides but I encourage you to follow the structure as the slides are given in manageable slots for people to understand before a drawing.

Learning to draw can be overwhelming, even a new medium such as colored pencils. However, when we use it logically such as with creative lettering the message makes the drawing process becomes a tangible piece of work.

I use a logo design approach in introducing the medium of charcoal. Charcoal is a powder/ compressed chalk like material that is great for realistic and pastel drawings. The most underappreciated part about charcoal is the size of the stick. A paint marker can cost 10 dollars just for one, but charcoal sticks are very inexpensive and practical way of making large drawings, quickly.

This is a technique of using simple lines and geometry, a fundamental part of figure drawing, to introduce new artists to charcoal.

Here is what you will learn in this complete course:

This course is a one stop shop with practical ideas, projects, and lessons on charcoal drawing. We start off with learning about the 4 type of artists. After that we go into how you can get ahead with the common problems by starting at the tail end of charcoal, white and corrections.

Then you’ll learn dozens of icons in 90 seconds using charcoal techniques such as smudging.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Drawing Students

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