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CCA131 Cloudera CDH 5 & 6 Hadoop Administrator Master Course

This course is designed for professionals from zero experience to already skilled professionals to enhance their learning. Hands on session covers on end to end setup of Cloudera Cluster. We will be using AWS EC2 instances to deploy the cluster.


The course is targeted at Software Engineers, System Analysts, Database Administrators, Devops engineer and System Administrators who want to learn about Big Data Ecosystem with Cloudera. Other IT professionals can also take this course, but might have to do some extra work to understand some of the advanced concepts.

Cloudera being the market leader in Big data space, Hadoop Cloudera administration brings in huge job opportunities in Cloudera and Big data domain. Covers all the required skills as follows for  CCA131 Certification

  • Install – Demonstrating and Installation of Cloudera Manager, Cloudera Data Hadoop (CDH) and Hadoop Ecosystem components
  • Configure – Basic to advanced configurations to setup Cloudera manager, Namenode High Availability (HA), Resource manager High Availability(HA)
  • Manage – Create and maintain day-to-day activities and operations in Cloudera Cluster like Cluster balancing, Alert setup, Rack topology management, Commissioning, Decommissioning hosts, YARN resource management with FIFO, Fair, Capacity Schedulers, Dynamic Resource Manager Configurations
  • Secure – Enabling relevant service and configuration to add security to meet the organisation goals with best practice. Configure extended Access Control List (ACL), Configure Sentry, Hue authorization and authentication with LDAP, HDFS encrypted zones
  • Test – Access file system commands via HTTPFS, Create, restore snapshot for HDFS directory, Get/Set extended ACL for a file or directory, Benchmark the cluster
  • Troubleshoot – Ability to find the cause of any problem, resolve them, optimize inefficient execution. Identify and filter out the warnings and predict the problem and apply the right solution, Configure dynamic resource pool configuration for better optimized use of cluster. Find the Scalability bottleneck and size the cluster.
  • Planning – Sizing and identify the dependencies, hardware and software requirements.

Getting a real time distributed environment with N number of machines at enterprise quality will be very costly. Thanks to Cloud which can help any user to create distributed environment with very minimal expenditure and pay only for what you are using it. AWS is very much technology neutral and all other cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, Google Compute cloud, etc., works the similar way.

+++++Content Added on Request++++

Dec ++ Cloudera 6 Overview and Quick Install

Nov ++ HDFS Redaction

Nov ++ Memory management – Heap Calculation for Roles and Namenode

Nov ++ IO Compression

Nov ++ Charts and Dashboard

Oct ++ File copy, distcp

Oct ++ Command files added for all the section.

Sep ++ Kafka Service Administration

Sep ++ Spark Service Administration

Aug ++ Cluster Benchmarking

Who this course is for:

  • Those who are taking CCA Hadoop Cloudera Administrator Exam (CCA131)
  • Anyone who want to become Cloudera Hadoop Administrator
  • Switching from Mainframe / Testing / Analytics domain to Cloudera Hadoop Administration domain
  • Data Scientists / Technical Architects / Software Developers / Testing and Mainframe Professionals
  • Hadoop Developer and Hadoop Cloudera Administrator who wants to work in Production like environment
  • Create production like environment for test or production purpose


  • Linux, Cloud Basics, System Administration will be added advantage
  • AWS account registration. This course will guide through setup of production grade Hadoop Cloudera Cluster in AWS Cloud.
  • Knowing any system setup experience will be added advantage will make the learning experience more enjoyable.
  • Basic understanding of IT administration or development activities

Last updated 7/2019


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