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What Is Microsoft HUD Performance Profiler And How To Use It

Microsoft has launched a new performance monitoring application called Microsoft Performance HUD (Head Up Display). Normally if one wants to monitor the system performance in Windows 10, he will use the Windows 10 Performance Monitor. Microsoft Performance HUD is different from the Performance Monitor in the sense that it will …

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How To Enable Floating Search Bar In Windows 10

Microsoft has improved the Windows 10 search functionality with each new release. Recently, Windows Search and Cortana were separated to give relief to people who only use one of them. Windows Search comes attached to the taskbar by default. You can either disable it, show the search bar or show …

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How To Check And Manage All Active Windows Hotkeys

Windows hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keyboard keys that can be pressed to do a particular task without using the mouse. Hotkeys are an essential part of being productive on a Windows system. For example, here are some global Windows hotkeys we all are familiar with: alt + …

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Download Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1909 ISO Now!

With the release of Windows 10 Version 1909, Microsoft has also released the Windows 10 Enterprise ISO files for download. The enterprise version is targeted mainly for IT Pros and enterprise-level customers. But everyone with a Microsoft ID (Hotmail, live.com, outlook.com, etc.) can download and install the enterprise version for …

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