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HDG Explains: What is the BIOS?

Did you ever see the word BIOS pop up on your screen when starting your computer? Or heard people talk about changing things in the BIOS? But then you never see or hear about it again.  So BIOS is a thing, but we never really see it because it’s located …

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HDG Explains : What Is SFTP & FTP?

In order for a computer network to exchange data and resources, it takes a collection of various devices such as routers, switches, and computers. That network would then need to follow a protocol, likely multiple protocols, to establish proper communication between all of those devices. FTP and SFTP are two …

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HDG Explains : What Is a Computer Server?

“The server is down!” “I can’t log into the server.” “The servers are at capacity.” These are the sorts of phrases we hear on a daily basis when using the internet, but what exactly is a “server”. It’s one of those terms that everyone uses, but few people really know …

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HDG Explains: What Is CAPTCHA & How Does It Work?

When signing into a website online, or entering sensitive information, you may sometimes be asked to click a tick box, match images together, or type in a random series of numbers and letters.  This is known as a CAPTCHA. It’s designed to stop non-human behavior online. But what does that …

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Black, White & Gray Hat Hacking Defined

Hackers. The news loves to report on them and the public just loves to completely misunderstand what they actually do. The word “hacker” has become associated with malicious computer criminals, largely thanks to how it’s used in the media and film. Originally the malicious type of computer wizard was known …

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