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27 Best Free Mug Mockups For Stunning Presentation 2019


With this fantastic, beautiful and easy to use free mug mockups, you can create outstanding presentations. Whether you own a coffee shop, a restaurant, you are a freelance designer or simply need inspiration, this collection will surely do the trick.

These are also perfect if you are about to launch a new set of mugs, but would like first to see how your design appears real-time. Indeed, there is no need to make things from scratch when you can simply download a free mockup and put it into play right away.

Another great use of mockups is for social promotions, in your blog posts, heck, even an email newsletter. The option is yours; just approach it with an open mind and a whole new specter of possibilities unlocks in front of you. Go against the norm, if you will, and surprise everyone with something novel.

Some of the free mug mockups are pretty basic, yet stunning, while all the others contain a lot more editable functions. What’s more, some come super realistic with human hands involved, too. Now pick up your best or download the entire collection and never miss a different mug or cup mockup again.

Woman Drinking a Hot Beverage Mug Mockup

woman drinking a hot beverage mug mockup

Nothing feels better than a hot cup of joe or tea in the morning or noon or afternoon. Let’s face it, the warm beverage always feels us with joy. But you know what’s even better? If the cup, you are using, has a nifty design or a simple quote on it. That said, if you are in the process of designing a mug, this mockup template will surely do the trick. It features a young lady enjoying her drink, looking you directly in your eyes. As far as the designing part goes, upload your image and you are done. You can also change the color of the mug and include some text overlay if you wish.

Mockup of an 11 oz Mug and a Book on the Floor

mockup of an 11 oz mug and a book on the floor

Whether in preparation for studying or about to read the new book, this wonderful mug template is packed with goodies. Along with stuffing your design on the mug, you can also create the cover of the book. Both, the mug and the book allow you to change the color. Just like any other mug template on Placeit, this one also gives you a chance to edit and correct it in-browser. Once you are done and satisfied with your photo-realistic presentation, download it and use it for social media promotion or to showcase it to your client. You can also put together multiple variations and let the stunning mockup help you decide on the final design.

Mockup of a Couple Holding a 15 Oz Coffee Mug

mockup of a couple holding a 15 oz coffee mug

On a cozy afternoon, treat yourself right with a warm drink, enjoying the conversation or watching a movie. If you would like to create a homely vibe, this mug mockup featuring a couple will get things going forward right away. Since boy and girl hold their own mugs, this means you can also create two different designs, for her and for him. Change the color of each mug, upload your design and attach a text overlay, these are all the possible options you have with the wonderful template. In just a few short moments, you will have the outcome ready to go.

Two 11 oz Coffee Mugs Mockup

two 11 oz coffee mugs mockup

You can create mugs for just about any occasion you want. After all, everyone likes a mug, especially such with a great design on it. Today, you can create your own variation with any of the mug mockup templates that we have in store for you. This cool tool features two mugs with intertwined handles, editable background and an option to introduce two different designs, one for each much. Additionally, you can also change the color of each mug separately from the convenient color picker (it supports all colors). A template effortless to use, yet the outcome will appear as someone has been working on it for hours.

Hand Holding a Mug Mockup

hand holding a mug mockup

If simplicity and minimalism are your cups of tea, you will surely enjoy using this gorgeous mug template. It features a plant, white desk and a hand holding a mockup. The default color of the mug is white, but you can change it to any other shade you fancy. The inclusion of your design also happens with just a click on the upload button. After you upload your work, you can reposition and crop it, too. The image you upload can be of 950 x 1129 px dimension and it will fit like a dream. Make a striking presentation of a simple thing as a mug is and amaze everyone seeing it. Not just that, but make everyone want to own it.

Realistic Mug Mockups

realistic mug mockups

An elegant set of realistic coffee mug mockups, perfect for stuffing them with your branding. Add your logo or any other detail you would like to present on a coffee mug and see it in action. These particular templates create a lifelike experience with woman’s hand, blanket and other attractive details. Of course, all the designs are entirely editable via the smart object layer for quick and simple inclusion of your creatives. You will almost immediately see whether or not it needs additional editing or you are good to go. With a proper mockup, you can have several different variations available in a snap of a finger.

Personalized Mug Mockups

personalized mug mockups

Let’s face it, almost everyone drinks either coffee or tea. That said, a cool mug always makes for a great gift. If you would like to personalize yours, you do not need to go through a tedious process of trial and error of actually creating real mugs. With this free mug mockup, you can try out all sorts of different combinations and come up with the perfect one for your purpose without any waste. Moreover, this template also comes in two variations, a mug plus packaging and a mug in a human hand. You can have your special mug crafted speedily as it only requires the inclusion of your designs through the handy smart object layer.

Elegant & Colorful Coffee Mug PSD Mockup

free coffee mug psd mockup

You remember me mentioning that some free mug mockups, you will find in this collection, will be more basic than the others. If you are after simplicity, then this exclusive design is more than perfect for you. First and foremost, it costs you nothing. You can even download it now and use it sometime later or immediately. Moreover, you can change the color of the mug, adjust the background and, of course, attach your logo, branding, a quote or any other creation you would like to present on a mug. Act now and have a proper presentation ready in just a few clicks.

Free PSD Mug Mockup

free psd mug mockup

Regardless of your business, a mockup is almost always the best idea if you would like to reward your clients with a quick little present. Or simply for additional promotion and exposure of your brand, you can achieve great results with a mockup. Create a clever design that will stand out a mile and make people share it with their friends and family, and you can win big times. Instead of going into the production right away, simply pick up this free PSD mug mockup and see how your works look real-time. This gives you a better idea of the final product, as well as if it needs additional refining touches.

Free Mug PSD Mockup With Box

free mug psd mockup with box

Free mug with packaging mockup offers you loads of options when designing the right one for our needs and branding regulations. Not only can you create both mug and packaging, but you can also edit the background and make it appear more realistic by placing items on a table. By adding this simple effect, you will have a better understanding of how your designs look whether outdoors, indoors or in front of a blank wall. By the way, the box has three visible sides which you can all edit and alter to your needs. Upload your designs and see them appear instantaneously via the smart object layer.

Free Promotional Mug Mockup

free promotional mug mockup psd

This is a serious question: who does not like a cool coffee mug? A mug with an inspirational quote that you have going on on your desktop throughout the day, keeping you going strong? Or simply a beautiful design that always brings a smile to your face? We all know the answer. If you are in the process of creating a mug either for coffee or tea, this free promotional mug mockup is the solution for you. It comes in three different positionings, left, right and at an angle from the top. This layout allows you to edit the inside of the mug, the handle, the main part of the mug as well as the background.

High-res Enamel Mug Mockup Freebie

enamel mug mock up freebie

You are looking at a high-resolution enamel mug mockup which you can use without the need to spend a dime. To make things easier for you, the mockup comes in PSD with editable smart object layers. You can easily change the color of the mug and add a background to make the appearance more realistic. By the way, in the bundle, you will find two different variations that give you more options when crafting the perfect design to place on a mug. Before the actual production, you can test all sorts of different variations as enamel gives a life-like appearance which helps you avoid running into troubles (hint: the positioning of the design is not right, the design is too small and similar).

Free Spiral Notebook Cover And Mux Mockup

free spiral notebook cover and mug mockup in psd

This special free mockup template is way more than your average mug mockup. Along with the mug, it also treats you to an editable spiral notebook. If you are coming up with new promotional material, put a free mockup into play and test out different combinations to find the one that meets your expectations best. Along with editing the notebook cover and mug, you can also change the color of the background. Create different versions and let the client decide which would work out best. After that, you can still improve the look further before it goes out for print.

Mug on Female Hand PSD Mockup

mug on female hand psd mockup

Would you like to make the presentation of you mug extra special? You could not come at a better place. This free mug mockup consists of a woman hand, a fully editable mug and a flower. How cool is that? Along with changing the color of the mug and stuffing it with your logo or any other design, you can also change the background. For the background, you can use a single image or even a realistic image which will spice up the experience even more. You can use the layout for any personal and commercial projects free of charge.

Christmas Coffee Mug Mockup

christmas special coffee mug psd mockup

Did Christmas come early this year? This Christmas special free mug mockup is an outstanding masterpiece which will create a strong impression on everyone. Whether you use it for realizing your design or for online promotion, whatever the case, this tool will help you make it happen. It is a high-resolution layout which you will have a breeze editing via the convenient smart objects. First, you can add your design on the mockup, any kind. And second, you can also change the color of the inside and the handle. Download the mockup, import it in Adobe Photoshop and start dragging and dropping different designs to see what sparks your interest best.

Free Coffee Mug Mockup On A Table

free coffee mug psd

You now have an opportunity to present your brand logo or other stunning design on a coffee cup. And if you would like to make it appear especially realistic, here is the template to go with. Moreover, if you are interested in designing portable coffee cups, you can do that easily with this free mockup. Yes, it is free of charge and just a click away. Also, the editing process is very straightforward, too, as it requires only some dragging and dropping via smart the object layer. That’s that, pick the design now and impress everyone with your new creation which will later carry around tons of cups of joe.

Promotional Mug Mockup On Desk

promotional mug mockup on a desk

When working with a client or even if doing the designs for yourself, with a mockup, you can save oh so much time and energy. You can effortlessly create tons of variations which you can later examine in great detail and pick the best one. Also, with a free mug mockup like this one, the presentation will be very realistic. A woman working on her computer is involved, reaching to take a sip of that freshly brewed coffee. You almost can not have it more real-like than that. As for the mockup, add any design you want to it, whether it is a logo or a pattern, all work perfectly fine.

Free Coffee Mug Mockup

free download coffee mug mockup

What at first glance seems a very simple mug mockup, with a few edits, you can make it stand out a mile. That said, change the color to the one you fancy best, add your designs and even enhance the background. Doing any of the creative work also does not take much time, simply replace the smart layer with your logo, quote, image or other whatnots. Moreover, picking the right color of your mug and adding a different background also happens without a hitch. Make the appearance like it would actually be a real coffee mug on a table (in a coffee shop).

Sublimation Mug PSD Mockup

sublimation mug psd mockup

If you would like to push your brand out there and spread the word in style, one cool way of doing it is with a mug. Be it for coffee, tea, whatever, with a nifty product, you can create a strong and lasting first impression on everyone. And yes, it can actually be a simple thing as a mug is. Here is a special sublimation mug mockup in PSD that will do you exceptionally well. The design comes with smart objects, which allow you to replace elements quickly and see instant results. Last but not least, the mockup does not cost you a dime, too.

Enamel Mug Mockup

enamel mug mockup

Another enamel mug mockup alternative with a strong attention to detail while keeping the appearance relatively simple. It is a layout which you will comfortably edit and adjust to your needs and wants. Even if you are just trying out things, to see what works and what does not, this is the best approach to do it. And it does not even cost you a dime. It gets even better. Along with the fact that you can simply drag and drop your design to this mug via the smart object layer, you can also edit the colors. Speaking of which, you can change the outside and the inside of the mug, as well as the background color.

Free Mug PSD Mockup

free mug psd mockup imac setup

The create a real-like office experience, this excellent free mug mockup will do the trick. With coffee being one of the most popular beverages in the world, a thought probably already arouse the idea of creating your own mug. You can actually craft one in advance without really needing to have a physical product made. With a mockup template, you can insert your branding, logo, text or image and have your own virtual mug done already. Yes, it truly is as easy as it sounds. This elegant mockup also comes with a complete iMac setup, which makes the mug appear even better.

Free Mug Splash Mockup

free download mug splash mockup

Very exclusive free mug mockup with a splash effect which comes for free. Download the layout, import it into Photoshop and you can already start using it. Via the smart object layer, you get to change the base of the mug with any creative you want. Additionally, this free mockup also allows you to change the color of the handle and the background. If you are after something different, this particular sample might be the right solution for you; after all, you have nothing to lose. Download it now and impress your audience with something new that might eventually end up being a real product.

Tea Mug PSD Mockup

tea mug psd mockup

When speaking of mugs, for the most part, coffee comes up first thing. However, you need to understand that there is a horde of folks who prefer tea over coffee any day. Well then, if you are one of those or your audience likes to drink coffee, here is a free tea mug mockup you should not miss. It is a layout which you can utilize both for personal and commercial use. Furthermore, once you download this tea mug mockup and use it with Photoshop, you will immediately notice how simple editing and improving it is. The mockup includes both the mug and a tea bag.

Free Mug PSD Mockup

free mug psd mockup

Creating a mug for any occasion with this free mockup is a piece of cake. You do not really need to be an expert designer to be able to make good use of the free mug PSD mockup. All you need is Photoshop, and all the rest becomes history. The mockup is structured in a way you will have a breeze editing and enhancing it. Besides, it even comes with two cookies and a spoon which you can remove or leave as is. Additionally, the mockup allows you to edit the base of the mug, the handle and the background.

Coffee Mug PSD Mockup

coffee mug psd mockup

Offer your users and followers something more with a simple, yet impactful, mug. Or if you would like to give away gifts to your clients, a mug is, again, a fantastic idea. But first, choose a free mug mockup and play around with different possibilities, how the end product would look like. Avoid running into issues and fine-tune the design first on a mockup before it goes out for print. The template is very newbie-friendly, yet ideal for expert web designers, too. With a simple inclusion of your design via the smart layer, you can instantly see results. Just like all the rest on this list, the mockup also costs nothing.

Minimal Coffee Mug Mockup

minimal coffee mug mockup

If you still do not know how to approach the design, just keep things simple and minimal. This is almost always the winning combination as it resonates with pretty much everyone. With this in mind, here is a minimal coffee mug mockup for you to benefit from. You can now bring into being a marvelous presentation which will knock everyone’s socks off. Add your creative designs to it, match it with the right background and voila, you have a finished product done already. With the right predefined tool, little work is necessary to see incredible results.

Remarkable Free Mug Mockup

free mug mockup with packaging

If you need more ideas, when it comes to creating the best mockup presentation, here is another excellent solution for you. Along with the mug, this free mockup template also includes packaging and other details. It makes for a surprisingly realistic outcome that will definitely spark everyone’ curiosity. Of course, you can edit both the mug and the packaging, keeping the branding intact. Last but not least, the mockup is of high-quality, making sure it displays all the details stunningly. Skip designing an entire presentation from scratch when you can download this free mug mockup now and make a difference.


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