24 Best Responsive Event Website Templates 2019


Organizing events are never been so easier with the event websites. User from around the world can make their reservations on your site and can pay from their place itself. No more waiting in a long queue. These are the best event website templates you can use to build a user attracting event website.

When you come to an event website templates the biggest dilemma you will come across is, whether to choose a single page website template or a multi-page website template. Well, both the types have their own advantages. In the one page website templates only the most important information is provided for the users, so the users don’t have to wander around the site to find the correct information. With the multi-page website templates, you have plenty of pages and spaces to explain in detail about the features of the event.

The second most important thing is the online ticket reservation feature. Some of the event website templates listed here support PayPal for receiving amount and the users can reserve their tickets. But for more convenient usage it is better to opt for a WordPress event themes. Because in WordPress you have plenty of customization and functionality extending features. To give you more flexible choice we have mentioned all types of event website templates on this list. Select the one that meets your needs.


divi event website template

If you are an event organizer, a website is an absolute must. There, you can tell all about the upcoming conference, forum or any other gathering. From introducing speakers and sharing schedule to other useful information that will persuade potential attendee to buy a ticket, make it all visible on your page.

To establish an event website, a template like Divi will do the trick. With very little work and barely any time needed, you can have an outcome that will spark their interest. To quicken things up, all you need to do is to choose a predefined demo and go from there.

What’s more, Divi also comes with its own page builder, giving you a chance to customize it to your needs and branding regulations to a T. Doing the editing happens without coding; indeed, Divi offers visual coding which gives real-time results.

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jevelin event website template

One more versatile and easily editable tool for building event and conference websites is Jevelin. It is easy to use, thanks to the WPBakery page builder. In other words, working with Jevelin asks for no programming knowledge. With that in mind, even if you are making your first page, you can still successfully do it with the practical Jevelin.

Moreover, there are also ready-made samples available for you to put them into play. Even if using Jevelin out of the box, the final product is a guaranteed masterpiece. But you know already that the drag and drop page building method gives you all the rights to make corrections and improvements accordingly.

Outstanding performance, search engine optimization, responsive layout, compatibility with browsers and retina-friendliness, Jevelin rocks it all and then some. It is an all-in-one item which brings to fruition top-notch event pages just like that.

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spker event website template

Spker takes things to an entirely new degree with its outstanding look and performance. This event website template is packed with four demos, each creative, modern and attention-grabbing. Although these layouts are highly adaptive and ready to use as is, with Elementor page builder, you can customize them according to your meticulous taste precisely. After all, all it takes is some dragging and dropping and you are ready to roll. With that in mind, why wouldn’t you want to brand Spker to your business regulations and make it unique?

Other goodness comes in the form of three schedule layouts, speaker profiles, map for attendees, call to actions, pricing plans and official sponsors section to name a few. You can also start a blog and keep everyone up to date, announce additional information and even share other compelling articles on the topic of the conference.

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eventium event website template

Important gatherings like conventions always look so formal, and Eventium is going to provide your attendees with that vibe. This event website template has a modern, neat and tidy look suitable for conferences, meetings, exhibitions, seminars, gigs, webinars and similar activities. In the package, Eventium provides all the essentials, divided into multiple sections with many layouts to choose from. There is no need to be building anything from scratch anymore.

Eventium gives you access to 22 HTML files which all are super simple to modify and edit due to their orderly structure. The template is also based on the famous Bootstrap Framework what gives it the much-needed flexibility and responsiveness. On top of that, Eventium is retina ready, comes with Sass files and entirely documented. Each Eventium user also receives pro support so you will never feel lonely.

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emeet event website template

Make captivating memories possible with a website that highlights their potential and attracts new folks. Emeet is an event website template that will do just that for you. It is a well-designed, super optimized and high performing HTML template perfect for meetups, conferences, congresses, seminars and similar pages. Basically, Emeet is so easy to customize you can use it for a broad range of purposes. Moreover, all layouts that Emeet has to offer look stunning on either desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Emeet is put together using the latest and greatest technologies and rocks a pixel perfect design. It has 18 different homes, ten internal pages and all sorts of enticing effects. Speaking of which, animated typewriter and scrolling parallax effects are just a few of the cool extras of the amazing Emeet.

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harmoni event website template

Harmoni is a tool that has all in store for building websites for event management companies. There is loads of predefined content at your disposal, from four sophisticated front to several other inner pages. Pick what works best for you and start from there. In fact, you can use Harmoni exactly how it comes out of the box. Still, if you truly want to make it your own, feel free to perform different tweaks and customize Harmoni to your likings.

List and grid views for events, an entire event booking page, six color presets, boxed and full-width layouts, you name it, Harmoni delivers the necessary and then some. Countdown timer, large slideshow, call-to-action buttons, sticky navigation and additional PSD files, all this is what you will find in the Harmoni kit.

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blazen event website template

For events and all sorts of exhibitions, you better check out Blazen event website template. This is a feature-packed site canvas that brings to the table a wide specter of options and numerous possibilities. The time has come to create the exact page that you want for your forthcoming project and spark the interest of even more potential attendees. Instead of doing things from the ground up, do yourself a favor and let a template help you out.

Blazen is flexible, mobile and retina ready, compatible with all modern web browsers and sports a working AJAX contact form. In addition, Blazen has two home pages and all the must-have inner sections, like about, gallery, speakers, blog and FAQ. Push your event’s details in a stunning way and show the world what they can expect from the meeting.

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mp9 event website template

Bands, musicians, concerts and gigs, MP9 is the ideal event website template. It requires very little work to craft your very own website, get online and stand out from the crowd. MP9 has a beautiful dark layout which just happens to be responsive and retina ready. However, that is something all templates should sport to treat the modern mobile web user right. As far as the technical part of the tool goes, MP9 is built using all the up-to-the-minute technologies, as well as follows all modern web trends.

In total, MP9 has fourteen HTML files, is simple to adjust and does not shy away from any modifications you would like to perform. That said, enrich it with your personal touch and do your thing like pros do it. Whether you are the one performing music or you are the one organizing a party, MP9 template is ready for both of you.

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wiscon event website template

If you can spare a few minutes of your time to publish a flawless event website, then Wiscon is within your reach. It is an event website template known for its functional and friendly features, having its specialization on the field. Providing the fundamentals in web building, it is no wonder why this template has been favored by organizers, companies, planners and administrators. With two preset homes, you can quickly decide how you will present your conference or event on the web.

Of course, you do not need to end the customization process here.

Feel free to upgrade and improve the main look of Wiscon to suit your needs precisely. Insert texts, titles, photos, logos, files, forms and any other content you would like to push. In short, modify Wiscon to your heart’s content. What’s more, you also gain access to professional support which lets you start your website confidently.

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fizcon event website template

Get a kickstart with your website by trying out the Fizcon template. Completeness and versatility are two characteristics that put this event website template on top of its competitors. In fact, Fizcon is way more generous than any conference template out there. Designing a website has never been this easy – select a home page demo that you prefer, and you can even modify it according to your concepts as well. For your information, Fizcon rocks four homes and twelve additional internal sections.

Entice your attendees’ anticipation further with the program section, containing pertinent information like event date, location and speakers. Fizcon has a clean, modern and minimalistic look that will spark everyone interest and encourage them to take action. Other features are transition and parallax effects, smooth scrolling, working contact form and a free lifetime worth of updates.

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maxbeat event website template

Launching events can be fun, no matter how colossal or private they are. However, certain complexities make it a bit challenging, like spreading the news to everyone. Well, Maxbeat has the perfect solution to this issue. This event website template lets you personalize layouts, add spectacular features, integrate media forms, build amazing pages and more. Indeed, a website is one of the best mediums to market your events, conferences, forums and meetups.

Many beginners and accomplished developers use Maxbeat, essentially because it’s easy and fast to learn, yet the results are always breathtaking. You can get features such as contact form, blogs, sliders and pricing plans. There are also three pre-built index page demos and ten additional layouts for a fast completion of your online presence. Maxbeat enables potential attendees to find you effortlessly.

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gen8 event website template

Is it really possible to put simplicity and elegance in the same sentence? Well, for Gen8, it is! It is an event website template that features some truly impressive material for you to use in crafting the best web space for your needs. Gen8 features two one-page layouts and all the other additional features and assets to cover every section of your page. Created with Bootstrap 4, Gen8 is clean, stylish and contemporary. Gen8 creates a smooth browsing experience with zero distractions.

Gen8 is full commented with an option to style the layout with SCSS or CSS for your convenience. In addition, it is fully responsive and compatible with pretty much any browser imaginable. For an added touch, loads of attention-grabbing sections come part of the kit which you rarely see in the classic event websites.

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eventex event website template

If you are after a cool, nifty and fun event website template, chances are, you need nothing else than Eventex. This tool is enhanced with great characteristics that will help you impress and amaze all your site visitors and turn them into potential attendees. While it keeps things super clean and minimal, Eventex still shows all the needed via its segments that an event or similar page requires. That said, Eventex has five homes and twelve inner pages to choose from for a fast and straightforward page establishment.

Some of the great features of Eventex are countdown timer, parallax effect, smooth scrolling, event schedule, pricing tables and a working contact form with Google Maps. There are also social media icons and a newsletter subscription form to use to capture guests’ emails for future email promotions. Get things rocking on the web with Eventex.

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eventtalk event website template

Many people underestimate visuals when it comes to event pages, not knowing that this indirectly stimulates them to visit the gathering in the first place. Do not be that person when setting up a website. With EventTalk, your page will be more alive and interactive and those willing to take part in the event will appreciate it even more. EventTalk is ideal for any individual event, as well as event management companies who are dealing with loads of different seminars, conferences and other whatnots.

EventTalk is a beginner-friendly tool which is easy to use and modify according to your needs. It comes with loads of specialized features and pages that will help you out tremendously. From four different homes and four event schedule pages to about, shop, sponsors, speaker details and schedule sections to name a few. EventTalk includes all the mandatory and a whole lot more.

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ict event website template

ICT is a comprehensive and sophisticated event website template which you can use for all sorts of different aims. Meetings, conferences, seminars, forums, venus and all sorts of other related projects, build a web space now with the help from ICT. By including your personal touch to it and individualizing ICT, you can easily stand out a mile and grab the attention of a horde of potential attendees and sell out your event tickets quickly.

With six attractive index pages, you will not have any issue finding the perfect look for your page. Moreover, ICT is also mobile-ready to work on any device seamlessly. Indeed, it is also optimized for SEO and in tune with all web browsers that are in use most commonly. Benefit from the pre-made material and all the traits it provides and have a professional website up and ready to go live in little time.

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evento website template

Guarantee successful events with Evento, one of the leading event templates of our time. This fantastic event website template works well for conferences, meetings and other event-based purposes. It has an innovative and detail-oriented web design, responsive layout and a ton of special features. Speaking of which, with Evento, you get appointment forms, services, schedules, pricing tables and Revolution Slider to create curiosity sparking slideshows.

Evento is based and powered by Bootstrap grid system for pliability and promises crisp and high-resolution graphics. It offers more than thirty total HTML pages to cover every section of your event and bring it front and center. For your convenience, all Evento files are organized, tidy and layered for you to use and edit them with ease. Bear in mind, even more goodies will drop in the near future with Evento updates.

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Event Pro

event pro website template

Choosing a well-organized template enables you to unleash your creative genius in designing a quality website, even if you do not have any talent for doing so. All of a sudden, you become a pro with close to none prior experience. This is what the Event Pro tool promises. It is an event website template suitable for companies that plan meetings, as well as manage events, no matter how big or small they are. Even if it is just a single seminar, Event Pro is a great option to spread the word out, too.

Event Pro is constructed with the latest technologies, like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery and LESS. It has four front and ten internal pages and additional eight predefined stylesheets. With access to Event Pro, you can get your hands on many pre-built sections and pages to play around with. All you have to do is plan what you need, select a design, input everything and boom! The template itself will do the magic for you.

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Couple Heart

couple heart event website template

Wedding invitation cards are getting outdated and so old-school, not to mention, they cost a fortune. Do you want to wow your guests and still retain a sacred matrimonial vibe? Do things effectively with Couple Heart. This is the event website template that works best with wedding events, whether you are the planner or the bride or groom. Couple Heart comes with all the essential features to effectively spread out the message to your friends and family.

In the bundle, Couple Heart has more than 150 HTML pages of which 20 are homes so you will surely find a design that matches you. It is also coupled (no pun intended) with gorgeous shop pages, eleven headers, five footers and all sorts of other goodies in case you are turning this website into a business.

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Wedding Invitation

wedding invitation event website template

For couple events and celebrations, Wedding Invitation is the event website template you should look into. It has a ton of stuff at your disposal, so you do not need to do anything from the ground up. All you can do to improve the tool is to modify it and make it follow your regulations to the T. That said, Wedding Invitation is totally customizable and easily adaptable to suit your needs perfectly. The only limitation there is is your imagination.

Wedding Invitation template is packed with eleven different wedding pages, dark and light layouts, five preset color skins and Revolution Slider. With a small amount of time and effort invested, you can do remarkable things using Wedding Invitation. The web design is also mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible to work smoothly at all times.

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utouch event website template

Utouch is a large website template which you can use for multiple purposes, including event websites. Whether you are a startup or any other business who is continuously up to something, hosting different events, meetings and forums, you should better further investigate Utouch. The tool has a contemporary and delightful look that will definitely attract everyone who will ever come across your web space. Make it impressive and they will be intrigued to learn more about your content.

In total, Utouch comes with 34 HTML pages, from tempting front sections to all the requisite internal components. Sliders, galleries, SVG icons, sticky header with four hover effects, drop-down menu and footer parallax feature are some of the assets Utouch is equipped with. If you need something different or even if you already run a business but you feel a refreshment is needed, pick Utouch.

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paper event website template

Paper is a multi-purpose website template which has enough pre-built material at your service to craft the exact page that you want. From numerous homes and inner pages, Paper also comes with an admin panel from where you can have complete control over your online project. Paper is a modern, clean, neat and optimized page canvas that is exceptionally simple to use for a quick site launch. The performance is top-notch across all devices and platforms for satisfied visitors.

Mega and off-canvas menus, portfolio and blog pages, shortcodes, parallax effect, pricing tables, you name it, all this and a ton more gives you the freedom to construct the right page for your upcoming event. With Paper, you are always one step ahead of the competition, always making sure all your users and guests get the exact same thing that they are looking for.

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Event Organizer

event organizer website template

Event Organizer is a fresh new modern looking event website template. This template is an apt choice for the event organizing companies. It includes all the necessary features and options you need to create a professional website.

Trendy color gradients are used as the primary color scheme of this template. Event Organizer website template includes five homepage variations, each one of them is unique from each other. This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, along with these codes this template also supports Javascript to help you get well-animated web elements. This template uses custom icons that fits overall design style of the template.

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Event Planning

event planning website template

Event Planning website template helps you create an event website that covers top to bottom features of the event you are organizing. From the core this template is designed for the event organizing companies, so you get plenty of useful segments and web elements to create a professional event website.

Event Planning website template gives you three homepage variations and thirteen subpages pre-designed for you. This template uses bright orange as the primary color scheme of the template which looks great on the clean white background. As like in the photography website templates the images are handled beautifully in this template.

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eventor website template

Eventor is a colorful event website template. This template uses modern design layout and trendy web elements to fit the modern day needs. Eventor uses both trendy gradients and single colors in this template to give a colorful user experience.

In the header, you have a static image with bold texts and event day counter. You also get a call to action button in the header section. This template provides you six homepage variations and multiple subpages pre-designed for you. This template also provides you option to sell ticket on your site. With this template, you get Google fonts, custom charts, custom fonts and uniquely designed contact forms.

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What’s Your Choice?

These are the best event website templates you can use for your event website. To give you more flexible choice we have listed both the feature-packed website templates and simple website templates. Based on your needs select the best event website template for your site. If you are still not able to come to a conclusion of which is the best template for your site, take your time to see our other theme and template collections for a better idea.


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