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20 Best Square Business Card Mockup Designs 2019


If right off the bat, you would like to distinguish yourself, these best square business card mockup templates will do the trick. As a professional, businessman or -woman or an entrepreneur, there are small details that can help you set apart from the competition. Of course, if you are a designer and someone hires you to help them design a business card, this is when the square format comes into play.

While the majority follow the traditional style, similar to a credit card, you can try something else. If you already come this far, you know what you are searching for. Thanks to the nifty and realistic business card mockup designs, you can now present your ideas in a way that will knock everyone’s socks off.

To use a square business card mockup, you do not really need to be an expert Photoshop user. In fact, even as a beginner, you will still succeed at establishing a life-like demonstration.

For your information, not all mockups on this list are PSD. You can fully edit and adjust many in-browser over on Placeit. How cool does that sound? Can you actually create a striking presentation of a business card without using Photoshop? Indeed, you can! Without further ado, let’s begin.

Mockup of Four Square Business Cards

mockup of four square business cards

Some of the mockups that you will find in this collection feature one while the others contain two or more cards. When it comes to this one, you get a whopping four different square business cards that you can fully edit according to your needs. With a quick upload function, you can attach four different designs and have them appear on each card in a click. Moreover, you can also alter the color of the cards and the background to any shade you fancy. In little to no time, you will have a full-blown presentation ready to go.

Mockup of Two Overlapping Square Business Cards

mockup of two overlapping square business cards

Another unique and creative way of displaying a business card design is by having two of them overlapping. You can use the top for the front and the bottom for the back design (or vice versa). The process of adding two individual designs is a small breeze. It only requires a few clicks and you can modify the entire mockup already. From sliding in your artwork to changing the colors, it takes barely any work for a completed outcome. Make it pop with vibrant colors or keep it clean and simple, whatever the case, craft a presentation that will stand out a mile.

Mockup of Two Square Business Cards Floating

mockup of two square business cards floating

We bring you a ton of different variations of a square business card mockup design for your convenience. This way, you have all the necessary options and possibilities to find the right one with ease. To push the idea you have for a business card design, have these floating cards do the trick and display the design originally. Get things moving forward by uploading two 750 x 750 px designs. From then on, you can also change the color of the cards and the background and personalize the experience. The addition of the shadow makes the template look even more photo-realistic and interest-grabbing.

Mockup of a Square Business Card Render

mockup of a square business card render

If you would like to keep things simple, yet creative, take this square business card mockup to your advantage. It is a nifty and clean solution to present your ideas in the best possible way. Not to mention, with the effortless editing process, you can come up with a bunch of different variations before you pick the winner. Just like you can change the color of the card, so can you alter the tint of the background. And to add your design, just upload it, crop and reposition it if necessary and you are ready to roll. As simple as it sounds.

Mockup Featuring a Square Business Card Stack

mockup featuring a square business card stack

A stack of business cards and a single card lying right beside. This is a fantastic alternative to use for putting on display the front and the back design of the business card artwork. Once you have the design ready to go, you can enrich this mockup in just a few clicks. Two clicks to add your images and two clicks to edit the color of the cards and the background. Optionally, you can also attach a text overlay for a call-to-action or any other message or quote you would like to share. In minutes time, heck, seconds, you can see an outstanding result already.

Mockup of Two Squared Business Cards on a Plain Background

mockup of two squared business cards on a plain background

A clean and pretty basic mockup of two square business cards at an angle on a plain background. However, as soon as you insert your designs, the whole appearance changes. And if you would like to refine the colors, you can do that, too. Swiftly, you can flip things around 360-degree and make a presentation that will capture everyone’s attention. You also have all the rights to test and try a ton of different variables to see what creates the best outcome. Last but not least, you can also insert some text if necessary or leave it out entirely. As for the text, you can actually add three variations.

Square Business Card Mockup on a Solid Background

square business card mockup on a solid background

A mockup of a single square business card at an angle on a solid background. Whether you would like to add a fresh design to your portfolio or share your idea with the client, you work with, benefit from the mockup and make it yours. What’s cool about the Placeit platform is the fact that you do not really need to undergo much work and already have a striking end product all set and ready to go. After all, just a few clicks and you are done doing the work. Upload your design, change the colors, add text and that is pretty much it. For as long as you have the artwork ready, all the rest happens in a small breeze.

Mockup of a Centered Square Business Card

mockup of a centered square business card

At the end of the day, simplicity and minimalism are the two winning characteristics of every design presentation. It is your artwork that the demonstration with a mockup needs to emphasize. To your luck, we have tons of different solutions here for you that will do you exceptionally well. And a centered square business card template is what comes next. The dimension of the card is 750 x 750 px but you can also crop and reposition your art if it does not meet the size to a T. Changing the color of the card and the background is also effortless, thanks to the handy color picker.

Square Business Card With Rounded Corners

square business card with rounded corners

So, you already decided that a square business card is what you are after. However, you still want something more. And that something more might be a square format with rounded ages. What do you say about that? If that is something you are interested in, you came to the right place, indeed. This bundle of goodies includes eight outstanding and life-like scenes that will spark everyone’s curiosity. It is a striking and easy to use kit of mockups that everyone can edit accordingly. Once in Photoshop, just double click the smart object layer, slide in your design and that’s it. Was that fast enough?

Stack of Square Business Cards with Round Corners Mockup

stack of square business card with round corners mockup

We bring you even more square business cards with rounded edges alternatives. This time, you get both a single card and a full-stack of them. There are various mockup templates available for you to take to your benefit and style them with your signature approach. Each mockup is entirely editable and adjustable, from colors, textures and backgrounds. In the package, you will find eight different variations, each creative and original. Another cool feature of the set is the option to choose between embossed, letterpress and foil stamp effect. Get creative now and make a difference.

Square Business Card Mock-up

square business card mockup template

A full set of ten impressive square business card mockup designs, alternating between single and two cards, as well as a stack. You get ten different views that easily cater to your needs and wants out of the box. Each mockup is of high quality, coming at 3000 x 2000 px. Moreover, the editing technique happens via the smart object layer. Have in mind, each template is entirely layered and effortless to use, so you can adjust it according to your branding regulations effortlessly. You can also turn on and off different effects, like reflection. And if you would first like to get the gist of it, read the help file and go from there.

Square Business Card PSD Mockup

square business card psd mockup

Bring into being a life-like demonstration of a business card design with a mockup and get everyone’s eyes as big as saucers. With the right mockup, you can achieve extraordinary results without breaking a single drop of sweat. Here is a kit of sixteen different PSD files, coming in both standard and rounded version. All sorts of different card views await you, making sure the outcome is striking and impressive. For your information, the size of the card is 55 x 55 mm and the resolution 3000 x 2000 px. Edit and adjust each mockup and make it follow your branding directions exactly.

Square Business Card Mock-up

realistic square business card mockup

Seven excellent and photo-realistic square business card mockup templates with outstanding features. If you would like to keep things at a professional level, just employ this set and enjoy the outcome. Each view or scene guarantees a killer outcome that brings to the table an eye-catchy outcome. Different filters, an option to move and scale items, complete color control, you name it, it is all at your fingertips. Moreover, to insert your creative designs, all you need is to search for the smart object layer and append your masterpiece. Even if you are a beginner, you will still witness great success with these mockups.

Business Card Mockup Stack (Square Format)

business card mockup stack square format

A highly detailed and sophisticated bundle of mockups to create outstanding square business card presentation. With the eight templates, you can quickly craft a full-blown demonstration that will follow the required regulations to a T. Along with the templates, you also get eight different textures, three different layers and a user guide aka help file. With the very many options, you can now bring into being a life-like presentation of a business card easily and quickly. Moreover, you can use the outcomes for all sorts of intentions, helping you boost your potential through the roof.

Business Card Mockup Square Format

business card mockup square format

A modern, creative and original square business card mockup design for all and everyone. If you are looking for a solution that will ensure top-notch outcomes, this package will do the trick every single time. You will discover eight fully customizable PSD files and an assortment of other awesome and handy features and functions. Keep things clean and minimal or spice things up with a foil effect and any of the eight available textures. Play around with different effects, change colors, attach your designs and have an end product ready to go in close to no time. Have in mind, you can also change the edge of the business card.

Floral Square Business Card

floral square business card

For a beautiful, lovely and elegant presentation, here is a floral square business card template to indulge in. There are four different PSD files at your disposal, offering a 2 x 2″ card with 0.25″ bleed for print. All you see is pretty much editable to the very last detail. With that in mind, you can speedily enrich the business card with your personal touch and make the life-like presentation a reality sooner rather than later. Whether you are a designer or your work with a florist or other professionals, this business card design comes handy out of the box.

Clean & Elegant Square Business Card

clean elegant square business card

Keep things clean and sophisticated with this next square business card mockup. You can employ the template to create both the front and the back design of a business card with ease. Have in mind, the template also comes with 0.25″ bleed what makes the card print-ready. Modify colors, shape, text and all the other fancy details that come along. Quickly, you can have a full-blown business card all set and ready to go. Moreover, the bundle includes four PSD files, offering you two different card sizes (2 x 2″ and 2.5 x 2.5″). Instead of starting from scratch, you can now pick a predefined design and speed up the realization process.

First-class free square business card mockup templates

Square Business Card Stacks PSD Mockup

square business card stacks psd mockup

Two stacks of business cards of square format for you to put into play and create a life-like demonstration. You execute the editing process of this mockup design in Adobe Photoshop via the smart object layer. Since you can append two different designs, images or any other creative, you can put on display, for instance, the front and the back look of the square business card. The PSD file is also fully layered, which makes the customization process a small breeze. On top of that, you do not have to spend a dime and still create a striking outcome.

Square Business Card PSD Mockup

square business card psd mockup template

Although these might be free square business card mockup designs, the outcome will still be spectacular. For a business card with round edges, this is the ideal mockup to take to your advantage. Once you download the freebie, import it to Adobe Photoshop and enjoy fine-tuning it. With the four available cards on a single template, you can stuff the mockup with all sorts of different designs. Moreover, you also get to choose between two different backgrounds, which help you elevate the overall presentation. If you need a quick fix, especially when it comes to a business card that does not look traditionally, you better not miss checking out this tool.

Free Square Business Card Mockups in PSD

free square business card mockup in psd

If you would like to differentiate yourself from the masses, instead of using the rectangular business card, use a square one. As simple as that. However, you can take things a step further by using a square business card with rounded edges. This mockup offers two business cards overlapping, allowing you to insert two different designs for a top-notch life-like presentation. As an example, add front and back design of the business card and call it a day. Thanks to the smart object layers, adding and enriching the default look with your creatives is a piece of cake.


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